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You've likely seen at-home alternatives to teeth straightening, such as buying teeth aligners online. They promise lower costs, no office visits and straight teeth quickly and easily.

However, there are some major risks to turning to at-home options. As convenient as these alternatives sound, you might end up paying more and making the situation worse.

You May Not Be A Candidate

Teeth aligners aren't an option for everyone. However, the modeling kit you get with these DIY straightening kits or clubs doesn't take that into account. Severe alignment issues often require traditional braces to correct the problem. You may also need teeth removed or even jaw surgery before straightening anything. No matter what aligners you try, you won't get the results you expect.

Poor Fit Leads To Permanent Issues

What if the aligner doesn't fit quite right? Or, what if you didn't complete the mold kit correctly? Your teeth aligners have to be custom made to fit your treatment plan. If anything is even slightly off, it can lead to permanent damage.

Since you're not being fitted by an orthodontist or going in for regular check-ups, you might not notice the damage until it's too late. Gum issues, tooth loss and loose teeth are all possibilities. Sometimes, the damage is so severe that it can't be repaired.

You Don't See An Orthodontist

Your orthodontist does more than just straighten your teeth or fit you for teeth aligners. They're also there to ensure nothing is going wrong. They also answer questions and guide you throughout the treatment process. With online solutions, customer service isn't always the best and you likely won't be speaking to an orthodontist or dentist.

An orthodontist also checks for issues beyond just crooked teeth. Your jaw's bone structure could be the reason your teeth are out of alignment. Knowing the cause can drastically change your treatment plan.

Shipping Mishaps

You have to change out your teeth aligners regularly to maintain your progress. However, buying your teeth aligners online means you're putting all that progress at risk. Wear the same aligner for too many weeks can reverse your progress or result in damage to your teeth and gums.

Even if a late delivery doesn't cause problems, it's possible to get the wrong aligner. Mixups do happen. Your orthodontist would catch this, but you wouldn't know until it's too late.

While very minor issues might be corrected with online teeth aligners, the risks are high. It's always best for the future of your oral health to go to an orthodontist. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation.

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