woman smiles after having suresmile braces removed
Pros and Cons of the Suresmile System

The technologies behind orthodontic treatment have witnessed dramatic changes in the past few decades. Even though metal braces have been […]


red haired girl has dual arch wire braces treatment
The Difference Between Single Arch and Dual Arch Wire Braces

Have you ever wondered how metal braces actually work? It’s common understanding that braces move teeth by applying pressure. But […]


man smiles after reading positive suresmile reviews
Should you Consider SureSmile Reviews? 

Digital imaging technology has truly revolutionised orthodontics. In days gone by, an orthodontist would need to use their best judgement […]


woman holds clear aligners in close up photo
What Orthodontics Australia Has To Say About Clear Aligners

Most of us remember having to wear metal braces when we were younger… However, the thought of wearing braces as […]


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