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A consultation is the ideal way to learn more about braces and alternatives to braces, get your questions answered and decide what's best for you.

Prepare Your Questions

Start thinking about what questions you want to ask. Your orthodontist consultation in Perth isn't just for the orthodontist to tell you what your options are.

It's also the perfect chance to ask any questions you might have about teeth straightening. Some great questions to ask include:

  • What are your experience and background?
  • What options do you offer and why?
  • If there are any options you've researched that they don't offer, ask why.
  • What options are available to me?
  • How long do most treatments last?
  • Will I have to make any lifestyle changes?
  • Will you have to make many adjustments?
  • Will it hurt?
  • Are there alternative treatment options?
  • Will my facial structure change?
  • How will this affect my speech?
  • Will I need to do anything else, such as wear a retainer or headgear?

It's a good idea to do some research before scheduling your consultation so you have some questions prepped. During your consultation, you'll likely find you have other questions as well.

Discover Your Options

Learn more about what options are available. More specifically, learn which options you're a candidate for. Even though an orthodontist might offer Invisalign or lingual braces, your oral issues might require something different.

You'll want to explore multiple options and learn more about each. Even if you have your heart set on a certain type, you might discover there are disadvantages that you don't like.

Ask questions about every option and why your orthodontist believes each would be a good fit. Your orthodontist can show you how each option works using models, images and even before/after photos.

Know The Possible Costs

One thing you're probably highly concerned about is the cost of straightening your teeth. It's hard to just get an estimate online.

Once an orthodontist actually sees you and gets an idea of your oral needs, they can give you a solid estimate for each type of treatment. They'll be able to break down the costs based on the hardware needed, any special equipment used, other procedures that may be needed (such as jaw surgery or tooth removal), regular visits and replacement costs (such as if you lose an aligner or damage your braces).

This is only an estimate. When you go for X-rays or scans, your orthodontist will be able to adjust the estimate based on your exact treatment plan. A good way to get a clearer estimate is by bringing along your dental records.

It's a good idea to carefully compare costs along with how long each treatment takes. A higher-cost treatment that's over faster may work well for you. For tighter budgets, a lower-cost option might stand out.

Learn About Financing Options

Now that you have an idea about the costs, you'll want to know about financing options. Your orthodontist doesn't expect you to pay everything out of pocket from your first official visit. When you're talking about thousands of dollars, it's just unreasonable.

Instead, orthodontists in Perth offer financing options. These can be monthly installments or a set number of payments throughout the plan, such as every quarter or six months.

You can also take the estimated costs to determine if you can pay by credit card or get a loan. This may make it easier for you to finance your braces.

You should also talk with your orthodontist about insurance and how this will affect your out-of-pocket costs. Insurance usually pays a portion of the cost, but this will obviously vary based on your insurance and which treatment plan you want.

Review Your Dental Records

Take along your dental records. If you've already had scans, X-rays or impressions done, take those to your orthodontist consultation. This gives your orthodontist far more insight into your current problems and narrows down your treatment options.

You don't have to take any records, but they do help. You can request these from your dentist and even have them sent over ahead of your appointment.

Learn More About The Orthodontist

A consultation gives you a chance to get to know your orthodontist. Sometimes, even the best orthodontist doesn't quite fit what you want or need for whatever reason.

Get to know more about how they treat patients, their personality and how their staff acts. It's amazing how much insight you can get in just a short consultation.

Get Details About The Process

By this point, you may already know about how each treatment plan works. If not, ask. Discuss the pros and cons. Learn about lifestyle changes and what you may experience. Also, learn about how long the process takes and what to expect during regular visits.

Schedule The Next Step

While you're never under any obligation to proceed, if treatment is required, you can go ahead and schedule the next step. This is where you have scans, X-rays and/or scans done and your treatment plan is fully mapped out.

Depending on the day's appointments, you may be able to go from consultation to official first appointment the same day. This allows you to start your treatment faster.

If you're ready to schedule your consultation, contact our offices today.

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