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When comparing your teeth straightening options, one solution is self ligating ceramic braces. However, how do these compare with other options? It's important to know the pros and cons to help both you and your orthodontist determine if this is the right treatment approach for your needs.

Fewer Visits

In most cases, self ligating ceramic braces look similar to traditional metal braces. However, they require fewer visits for manual adjustments. Traditional braces must be adjusted manually and regularly to continue straightening your teeth throughout the process.

Self ligating braces take a slightly different approach. The brackets and wires are attached using a slide mechanism. It adjusts your teeth more naturally. This also means no need for rubber bands. You'll still need to go in for visits to check the progress, but you'll go less often.

Shorter Visits

When you go in, you'll also have shorter visits. This is because the sliding mechanism is much easier to work with than rubber bands. Visits may take only minutes, which means more time for you to do other things!

Far Less Visible

Self ligating ceramic braces are less visible than other types of self ligating braces. Unlike metal, ceramic blends in with your teeth. Even the wires can be coloured differently to blend in better.

However, ceramic isn't as effective when it comes to severe alignment issues. In this case, metal brackets may work better. Your orthodontist will be able to tell you for certain whether you're a good candidate for ceramic.

It's important to note that your braces will still be visible. If anyone's close enough, they will notice the ceramic brackets, but instead of metal or bright colours, they'll just see a tooth-coloured bump in the front of each tooth.

More Expensive Option

All of the above sound great, right? However, there is one final thing to consider. Self ligating ceramic braces do cost more than traditional metal braces. Between the sliding mechanism design and ceramic brackets, the cost will increase, but the total depends on your treatment plan and alignment needs.

The benefits may very well be worth the extra cost, especially when it comes to a less visible option.

Self Ligating Ceramic Braces

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