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Invisalign has quickly become known as a more reliable, faster and more convenient smile straightening solution than its traditional counterpart, but as with any orthodontic treatment plan patients need to know and understand the cost of their investment. A major factor in the final cost of Invisalign is dental insurance. There are many different companies that may extend their benefits to cover costs associated with the orthodontic treatment, but it depends on each individual plan.

Ask Your Dental Insurance Company About “Orthodontic Care”

If your dental insurance plan does cover Invisalign, the treatment will likely be covered as orthodontic care, a benefit that is included on most dental plans. To determine whether the treatment is covered, and what portion of the cost, you should contact your insurance provider directly to discuss your intentions and clarify your coverage before moving forward with your orthodontist so there are no surprise costs at any time during your smile transformation.

Ask Your Orthodontist Whether Your Misalignment is a Medical Issue

In some cases, an insurance provider may place restrictions on their coverage. This may mean that, unless your orthodontist deems the treatment medically necessary, your insurance could deny coverage. Speak with your orthodontist to discuss whether Invisalign is addressing a medical issue, or if the treatment is strictly for cosmetic purposes and then gather specifics from your insurance provider to determine whether the treatment would be covered under your plan.

Is There a Lifetime Limit?

Another restriction in your coverage may be what is referred to as a lifetime limit. If there is a lifetime limit on your plan, check to see what it is, and if you have already applied any treatment towards this total. If your dental plan covers Invisalign, it can save anywhere between 25 to 50 percent of the final total, but a lifetime limit could still have you paying more out of packet than anticipated if it catches you by surprise, so always check with your insurance company to clarify your coverage before committing to any treatment.

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