Better results with fewer visits

At Profile Orthodontics we've turned orthodontic precision into an art. Suresmile braces offer more precise planning, higher quality results and generally less time in braces.

Suresmile reinvents orthodontic treatment, allowing Dr Wholley to use advanced 3D imaging to digitally customize and plan your treatment. Virtual simulations allow him to compare alternative treatment plans and decide the best solution for you.

Typically, Suresmile results in faster treatment. Your teeth don’t move faster, they move more precisely and directly to their final position, which can create a great result in less time. This is achieved with a series of custom archwires that are made of a special metal and precisely bent under high heat by a robot - according to the plan Dr Wholley has prescribed for you.

We also use Suresmile technology for our invisible Sureclear clear aligners and our Fusion lingual braces which are hidden behind the teeth.