At Profile Orthodontics we believe that orthodontic treatment, if it is necessary, should be the right solution, at the right time for the patient.

Children and Teens

Grow with Us™ so we can ensure you get the right solution at the right time.

As part of our Grow with Us™ program, Dr Wholley monitors your child’s dental growth and development from their first visit, through any required orthodontic treatment and into young adulthood as their wisdom teeth emerge. This comprehensive monitoring means we can address any developing growth issues and ensures any required orthodontic treatment is commenced at the correct time for your child.

Early assessment, diagnosis and planning help ensure the best approach in delivering a great smile.

Your family’s orthodontic journey will span from your child’s first assessment (recommended at around 7 years of age) through to completed treatment. You are building a relationship with us that may last a number of years – particularly if there is more than on child in your family.  It is important to us that you feel comfortable and confident in our treatment and our service.

You may have grown into adulthood, but never grown into your smile.

Are you self-conscious when you smile? Do you feel that your teeth have moved over time?

Grow in confidence and self-esteem with a straight teeth and a new smile.

We’ll let you know if you’re a suitable candidate for adult orthodontic treatment. If your dental health is good, we can talk you through all your orthodontic options, including Sureclear removable clear aligners, Suresmile braces with discreet ceramic brackets, or even braces which are placed behind your teeth. Should your optimum treatment require services in addition to orthodontics, we are experienced at working with other dentists and specialists.

Importantly, improving your smile may also benefit the function, stability and health of your teeth, reducing the risk of tooth decay, gum disease and tooth loss.