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Often times, people avoid braces because they hate the idea of seeing their smile marred by metal. However, metal braces aren't your only option for a straighter smile.

In fact, clear aligners are becoming a popular alternative. As the name implies, they're clear, making your smile the star of pictures and not your braces.

Secretly Straighten

The most obvious reason to have your teeth straightened with clear aligners is they're nearly invisible. Unless someone is really close or the light reflects off of them, no one may never even realise you're wearing an aligner.

While everyone else thinks your teeth are normal, you'll know they're being secretly straightened a little at a time.

Simple Adjustments

Unlike braces, your orthodontist won't need to adjust brackets and wires. Instead, you'll just get new clear aligners throughout each stage of your treatment. Thanks to 3D digital planning, your entire treatment plan is planned out in advance.

You'll receive new clear aligners regularly. These aligners gradually straighten your teeth much like braces by making small adjustments to the position of your teeth.

For anyone who has had an injury or accident, clear aligners are ideal for making simple adjustments without having to be fitted with metal braces.

Suits Many Cases

While not every person is a candidate for Invisalign or SureClear, many people are. Clear aligners are ideal for mild to moderate cases. This is the majority of cases, meaning many people who fear the look and feel of braces have an alternative.

Remove Them Daily

Traditional braces aren't always the most comfortable when it comes to eating and brushing. The good news - clear aligners are removable. You can take them out while you eat and brush to keep your teeth cleaner. This also makes it easier to keep your aligners clean and avoid a buildup of plaque and bacteria.

You will need to wear them for 20 hours or more a day. However, just getting small breaks every day makes them preferable over braces you can't remove.

More Comfortable

The plastic clear aligners are strong but comfortable. You don't get the same wear on your gums that you do with traditional braces. This makes it far easier to go about your day with little to no irritation.

Plus, since you can remove them, you get to give your mouth a few small breaks each day. This helps to further reduce irritation.

Are you considering having your teeth straightened? Contact our office today to find out if you're a candidate for clear aligners.

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