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You're ready for a straighter smile and love the idea of ceramic braces, but what comes next? Now, it's time to figure out where to go for ceramic braces in Perth.

While you have plenty of options, you only want the best possible care and treatment. This means carefully comparing your options to see which orthodontist is the right fit for you.

List All Your Options

Start by listing all your possible options. You can narrow it down based on years of experience. While a brand new orthodontist might be fine, you'll probably prefer someone who has years of experience. Look at all years and not just years in their current practice.

Also, look at which ones offer ceramic braces. Not every orthodontist in Perth does. If you're set on this option, you don't want to waste time at an orthodontist who doesn't specialise in this straightening option.

Look At Reviews

When you're trying to find ceramic braces in Perth, you'll want to check out reviews for all the orthodontists on your list. How do real patients feel about them? How have their treatment plans gone?

Consider Expert Orthodontists

Wouldn't it be nice to have an orthodontist that's highly respected among their peers? Check out details online about each orthodontist. Have their contributed to any medical journals? Do they participate in any special programs?

For instance, both Dr. Chris Wholley and Dr. Shiva Senathirajah of Profile Orthodontics are both highly respected orthodontists who have published research in major publications and journals.

Check Certifications

You only want to work with an orthodontist who is certified. Check their educational background and certifications. If they can't showcase both, they're not a great fit for you.

Schedule A Consultation

The final step is to meet with the orthodontists on your shortlist. Finding ceramic braces in Perth means being ready to ask questions and see how orthodontists respond. Many orthodontists offer free initial consultations. This helps you learn more about your options, how each orthodontist plans to treat you and whether you feel you'll get the care you deserve.

Want to learn more about Profile Orthodontics and our ceramic braces treatment options? Schedule a consultation today!

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