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What to Take with You When Travelling with Braces

The holiday season is never far away, and this typically means considerable travelling to visit friends and family. If you have braces, the idea of travelling with braces might seem complex. However, you don't need to worry because it's easier than you think.

Since you'll pack toiletries and clothes for your vacation, it's only sensible to leave room for oral hygiene essentials. If you're wondering what to carry for the trip, ensure you include these items in your travel kit.

Floss Threaders

You can easily pick up an extra toothpaste or toothbrush in the event that you forget yours back home. However, it can be more challenging to access floss threaders. They're crucial for getting floss between your braces' wires, enabling you to sweep food particles from between the teeth.

Dental Wax

Dental wax is especially important if you're new to wearing braces, which can occasionally cause irritation on the soft tissues. As your teeth move, the braces might cause mild irritation of the gums or cheeks.

You'll discover dental wax is the best means of decreasing this irritation because it protects the soft tissues against the braces' hard components. Therefore, you should carry some for application to the area that's causing abrasion.

Travel Mirror

A portable and foldable mirror is a great addition to your travel kit because it will help ensure you don't miss anything while flossing. You'll also spot if there's food in your braces following a meal.

Pain Relief for Braces

As braces realign your teeth, you might occasionally experience minor pains or aches and the last thing you want is disruption during your vacation. We recommend you pack ibuprofen or acetaminophen when travelling.

These over-the-counter pain relievers are beneficial for managing orthodontics-related pain and other minor pains that could interrupt your trip.


You should always be ready for minor emergencies. If you have metal braces, tweezers help manipulate the wire and possibly restore it in place.

Travelling with braces shouldn't be an inconvenience as long as you implement the necessary precautions. Packing with your oral health in mind will ensure you have a great relationship with your braces, both at home and abroad. 

If you have queries regarding your braces, contact your orthodontist for expert advice.

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