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SureSmile braces are designed using advanced technology to move teeth more precisely.  Once the SureSmile wire is inserted, you’re on your way to a beautiful, healthy smile sooner than you thought possible. Let's look at how you can create your own ultimate SureSmile braces before and after...

How Are SureSmile Braces Faster?

Suresmile wires do not move teeth any faster than wires used in conventional orthodontics. Your overall treatment time is shorter because the Suresmile technology allows us to move your teeth more directly to their target position.

Advanced Imaging

Before your treatment planning begins, we create a 3D computer model of your bite.  With advanced imaging technology and scan procedures, we capture the 3D image. We use radiographs to assess tooth and root structure, angulation of the teeth and jaw bone balance.

Precision Planning

Suresmile Technology provides your orthodontist greater control over your treatment than traditional braces.

The 3D model allows us to have a look at your teeth from any angle, to see how they fit together. Using SureSmile’s Treatment Planning software, we can use highly advanced  stimulation tools to determine the final position of your teeth. We can also create the most effective plan for your treatment needs. The technology even allows us to work out, if treatment can be completed without extractions.

Complete Accuracy

SureSmile uses a robot to bend and shape your arch wire, once your orthodontist has completed your SureSmile plan. The wire aims to deliver gentle forces to move your teeth into the desired position.

The SureSmile archwire is customised for your unique treatment plan, applying high temperatures and robotic precision to a wire made from shape memory alloy.

The shape memory alloy is activated by your body heat, once inserted.  It moves your teeth according to the the treatment plan, embedded in the bends of the wire. The shape memory alloy delivers gentle, constant forces as it moves your teeth to their target position.

A Straighter, Healthier Smile After SureSmile

If you dream of precision treatment, along with visual projections on how your teeth will look after braces, SureSmile is a great option. SureSmile braces offer comfort, speed of treatment times and less frequent office visits compared to traditional braces.

SureSmile Braces Before and After

Book an appointment at Profile Orthodontics to find out if you're a candidate for SureSmile braces treatment and create your own ultimate before and after!

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