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Digital imaging technology has truly revolutionised orthodontics. In days gone by, an orthodontist would need to use their best judgement to create a set of braces that would move a patient’s teeth in an efficient way. Now, technologies like SureSmile provide a highly accurate and fast way of doing the same thing.

What is SureSmile?

SureSmile is a digital imaging and software technology that makes creating your perfect smile is much easier. In this process, an accurate digital image of a patient’s teeth is taken. This data is then fed to software that creates  a CAD-CAM of that patient. The orthodontist works with this virtual image and creates the optimal smile for the patient.

Once this is done, special arch-wires can be created that allow for a more efficient movement of teeth. The accurate imaging process and virtual smile creation process ensures higher levels of accuracy and provides the orthodontist with more control.

Profile Orthodontics was one of the first practices in Australia to commence using this technology 10 years ago.  Our team is well experienced in creating your optimal smile.

What do People Say about SureSmile?

If you’re seriously considering choosing an orthodontist who uses SureSmile technology, you might be wondering what other people have to say about it. It's a good idea to read through some SureSmile reviews in this case. Here are some of the advantages that some SureSmile patients have been talking about:

  • Virtual planning: Using a CAD-CAM program the Orthodontist has complete control over the movement of all of your teeth with finite accuracy. You will be able to see the end result before you have finished treatment.
  • More Accurate: SureSmile arch wires have a custom bend for every tooth that needs to be moved into a final position. This lowers your risk while in treatment. What patients generally find is that the SureSmile arch wires produce a better result in a faster time. In fact, some people are quite amazed at how quickly their teeth begin to line up properly.

Should you consider SureSmile Reviews? 

SureSmile technology is aimed at creating better results faster for patients. If you’re thinking about SureSmile it’s certainly worth reading SureSmile reviews and testimonials so that you have a better idea of what it can offer. Or, book a consultation with Profile Orthodontics & allow us to explain in more detail how SureSmile might work for you.

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