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By now, you've likely heard about SureSmile braces and how wonderful they are as an alternative to conventional braces. But, it's important to know about all the SureSmile pros and cons. While SureSmile is an incredible technology, it can have a few drawbacks. By knowing these in advance, it's much easier to decide if this is the right treatment strategy for you.

1. Pro: Customised Fit

SureSmile uses 3D imaging and robotics to create a customised fit based upon your orthodontist's plan. Your orthodontist scans your mouth and then analyses the results in the SureSmile software to a custom plan.

Instead of manually bending wires into place, advanced robotics carefully bend every wire into the perfect position. When you go back in to get your SureSmile braces, they slide into place easily since they were made specifically for your teeth.

2. Con: Not Invisible

On the other hand, you have to consider both SureSmile pros and cons. Despite that custom fit, they're not invisible. You'll still be wearing braces that people can see. If you're concerned about how they look, you may want to consider invisible options, such as Invisalign or lingual braces, which fit behind your teeth.

3. Pro: Straightens Faster

While you might not love the look, you might love the fact that you may not have to wear them as long as conventional braces. Thanks to the custom fit, SureSmile braces are proven to straighten teeth faster. In fact, you may be able to get your braces off in as little as 13 months, which is nearly 30% faster than conventional metal braces.

By creating a detailed plan in the beginning, your orthodontist sees exactly how teeth need to move to straighten teeth more quickly.

4. Con: Costs More

While the costs vary greatly based upon your specific needs, your orthodontist and other factors, SureSmile does cost more than conventional braces. This is due to the advanced technology used to help straighten your teeth more efficiently and in less time.

The one positive about costing more is you're likely to get them off sooner. That may very well be worth paying a little more.

5. Pro: Less Painful

One thing that may stand out when comparing SureSmile pros and cons is SureSmile braces tend to be less painful. The main reason is that you don't need nearly as many adjustments.

After all, if someone's not digging around in your mouth moving wires around, you'll have less pain. The pain with conventional braces usually comes from the process of tightening and re-tightening wires with each visit. SureSmile is designed to reduce this, leading to far less pain and discomfort.

6. Con: Not For All Cases

SureSmile might sound like the perfect combination of traditional braces and new technology, but it's not for everyone. Some cases may require conventional braces and additional appliances to fully correct your issues.

You'll need to meet with your orthodontist to discuss your needs to see if SureSmile will be an effective solution for you. On the other hand, SureSmile braces work well for all ages.

7. Pro: Everything Planned In Advance

In a case study of an orthodontist adopting SureSmile technology, Dr. Randy Moles discovered that he spent significantly less time on adjustments thanks to the entire plan being created in advance. According to Moles, traditional braces worked like "driving a car by looking in the rearview mirror."

Moles said instead of having to adjust everything based upon movement between visits, he was able to set up all of his adjustments in advance.

Of course, this means less time digging around your mouth. You get shorter visits, less pain and an overall faster treatment process.

8. Con: Not Perfect

Of course, this is about SureSmile pros and cons, so there is a con. As perfect as this system sounds, it's not always 100% perfect. Dr. Moles stated in putting the SureSmile system into play, he would run into situations where teeth didn't move exactly as he thought they would.

Since SureSmile allows orthodontists to plan out the movement of teeth in advance, it's up to the orthodontist to anticipate how things will move. Naturally, things go awry sometimes. A tooth may push forward versus left. This means adjustments have to be made.

The good news is it's easy to correct anything that comes up. All your orthodontist has to do is adjust your treatment plan in the software and order new wires. The wires contain all the original custom bends, just with a few adjustments made. You're fitted with the new wires and all set to continue getting a straighter smile.

Adjustments like this are more likely in complex cases where it may be difficult to fully anticipate how teeth and even bone may move.

9. Pro: Fewer Visits

In the same study that found SureSmile braces worked faster, overall visits were reduced too. Since you won't need as many adjustments thanks to the advanced technology and planning, the average patient has four fewer visits during their treatment plan.

You'll still need to go in for regular appointments to ensure everything is going as planned. Your orthodontist will also check to ensure nothing is damaged.

On that note, if you suspect a wire or bracket is damaged, contact your orthodontist. Any damage to your SureSmile braces can change how your teeth are moved. Waiting too long may require you to have to start over. This is true with any orthodontic treatment plan.

10. Con: Changes In What You Eat & Do

When it comes to SureSmile pros and cons, the most noticeable con is having to change your oral habits. Since you are still wearing braces, you'll need to make changes in what you eat and do.

You'll have to learn how to brush and floss around your braces. It's important to take special care of your teeth during this time to avoid bacteria and plaque from growing in between your teeth and under your brackets and wires.

If you follow your orthodontist's instructions and recommendations, you'll quickly adjust. Remember, it may only be for around 13 months. And, the resulting smile is well worth the extra effort.

SureSmile Pros and Cons

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