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What is a Specialist Orthodontist?

Just as medical doctors choose to specialise in a particular area of medicine,  a dentist will specialise to become an orthodontist.  They do this by completing a 3 year full-time post graduate study at an accredited university. Dentists may do some courses to extend their knowledge in orthodontics, but they are not a Specialist Orthodontist.

Don’t Leave Your Smile to Chance

Your smile is important. Only a highly qualified orthodontic specialist should treat patients who are looking to achieve a beautiful and healthy smile. An orthodontist requires five years of general dentist training at university. Once their university training is complete, an orthodontist usually spends at least two years working as a general dentist practitioner. Finally, an orthodontist will then undertake a further three years of dedicated specialist orthodontic training.

An orthodontist goes through highly specialised professional training.  An independent specialist panel will have thoroughly assessed their cases to certify their standard of care. In short, a specialist orthodontist is the most highly qualified dental professional to take care of your orthodontic needs. Whether it’s a simple teeth straightening process or a more complex issue. 

When you choose a specialist orthodontist, you can rest assured that you are in capable hands. You are well on your way to achieving the smile you have always wanted. An orthodontist is the best placed professional to advise on the most beneficial and efficient orthodontic treatments, including Invisalign, Braces and Ceramic options.  Certainly, a specialist will always design a bespoke treatment plan for your unique requirements. 

Orthodontists have the skills and knowledge to treat a wide array of orthodontic issues. Dr Wholley is dedicated to providing excellent orthodontic care. No matter your orthodontic concern, contact Profile Orthodontics to discuss a range of possible solutions, suited to your individual needs.

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