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Self ligating ceramic braces are a good option for a wide variety of bite and teeth straightening issues. In fact, they look and fit much like traditional braces. As with any orthodontic treatment option, there are pros and cons to consider before deciding if self ligating braces might be right for you.

Pro: No Elastics

While self ligating ceramic braces look more or less like conventional braces, they don't require any elastics. This is because the brackets are made with a spring-loaded door that consistently applies pressure to the archwire to keep straightening your teeth. Another benefit here is elastics tend to gather more bacteria and thus, plaque buildup. Without those, your teeth are a little easier to keep clean.

Con: Hinges Can Break

The hinges that control the doors on the brackets can occasionally break. This makes it impossible for the doors to shut. You'll need to get this fixed immediately to prevent any setbacks in your treatment plan.

Pro: Ceramic Is Less Noticeable

Ceramic braces are closer in colour to your original teeth. This helps make them less noticeable. However, self ligating ceramic braces still use wires, which are more noticeable. Depending on the type of archwire used, you may be able to use a coloured wire, making your braces more discreet.

Con: Special Care For Cleaning

Both traditional and self ligating braces mean you'll need to spend extra time cleaning your teeth. The brackets and wires make it more difficult to brush and floss. However, once you get used to a care routine, you'll only need a little extra time each day. Just stay on top of regular brushing and flossing to avoid extra plaque buildup and cavities.

Pro: Works In Most Cases

While some orthodontic solutions are only for mild straightening cases, self ligating ceramic braces are designed to work for more complex issues too. This means you're more likely to be a candidate for these, rather than options like Invisalign light. Plus, you still get the benefit of less noticeable braces.

Con: May Cost More

The final cost will vary, but generally, self ligating braces cost slightly more than conventional braces. In most cases, they're still less expensive than other types of braces.

Pro: Fewer Adjustments

Thanks to the way the doors on the brackets work, you may require fewer adjustments. Plus, the adjustments you do need will go faster. Some patients are even able to get their braces off faster, though that will depend on your specific case. This means fewer overall adjustments too.

Self Ligating Ceramic Braces

If you're interested in learning more about self ligating ceramic braces, schedule a consultation at our office today.

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