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One of the best things about modern dental technology is that it’s improving all the time. In the field of orthodontics, the technology around braces has significantly improved. Invisalign clear aligners have really taken off in popularity and offer many benefits to eligible patients. In fact, many more adults are investing in the treatment and enjoying more confident smiles.

How do Invisalign Clear Aligners Work?

The Invisalign treatment begins with a 3 dimensional scan of your teeth and jaw using specialised software. This provides a real-time view of the teeth and means that the final position of teeth can be accurately mapped out.

After this initial scan, your clear aligners are manufactured. They are custom made for each and every patient and will fit snugly over your teeth due to the precision of the measurements.

Every few weeks, a new set of clear aligners are fitted so that they will continue to place gentle pressure on your teeth in order to move them into their final optimal position.

Braces vs Invisalign 

Many adults have crooked teeth and other jaw issues that require orthodontic treatment, Though it’s common to see children and teenagers around with braces in, not everyone had the opportunity to have treatment when they were young. The good news is that teeth can be moved at any age.

So, why are more and more adults choosing Invisalign clear aligners to fix their smiles and give them the confidence they want?

1. They Won’t Make you Stand Out

One of the biggest benefits to wearing Invisalign clear aligners is that they don’t stand out. They are discrete and are not easily noticeable by other people. This is because they’re made of a clear high grade plastic that fits snugly over the teeth. Unlike treatment with traditional braces, they offer a level of discretion that many adults truly appreciate.

Of course, many teenagers appreciate this benefit too, but for many adults, the clear aligners have advantages in a professional sense. Perhaps you’re in a career where you are dealing with the public a lot? Or you’re involved in the media and you need to appear on TV? Wearing Invisalign clear aligners means that you can feel confident in your role.

2. They Offer Great Convenience

Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign clear Aligners can be removed easily. This may not suit kids and teenagers who don’t have the self-discipline to wear them for most of the day, but many adults appreciate this aspect.

People wearing metal or ceramic braces need to be careful about what they eat and drink. Sticky foods can get stuck to wires and brackets and may even cause some damage. Some foods and drinks can also stain the teeth around the metal brackets. As an adult, you really just want to be able to eat whatever you like without having to worry about braces.

Since Invisalign clear aligner trays are removable, it’s possible to avoid these troublesome circumstances. You can eat and drink whatever you want without having to be concerned about food getting stuck in wires and brackets.

It might not be an issue for every teenager, but the prospect of being intimate with a loving partner when wearing braces can be a real problem for many adults. Invisalign clear aligners are just fine in this area. This is excellent news for many adults who simply don’t want to have to put up with inconveniences in this part of their lives.

3. Cleaning is Easier

This is a big one for lots of people. Anyone who wears regular braces will tell you that they require regular cleaning because food particles can get stuck in and around wires and brackets.

Invisalign clear aligners can be cleaned with ease. They are removable and it’s a simple matter of washing them and cleaning them off with a toothbrush before replacing them.

4. No Damage to Teeth

There is a risk that if proper dental hygiene isn't maintained while wearing braces, that stains around the brackets can emerge. Because the clear aligners fit snugly over teeth they don’t cause any damage. In fact, they actually help to protect teeth from impacts!

5. More Comfortable

Many people who wear clear aligners report that they are more comfortable than other types of braces. Brackets and metal wires in other braces can irritate the insides of the cheek and the tongue. However, Invisalign trays are made of a smooth plastic that takes a short amount of time to become accustomed to.

Invisalign Suits Adult Life

Invisalign clear aligners offer some excellent benefits over other orthodontic treatments. They are practically invisible, are more convenient, can easily be removed, and can be easily cleaned. All of this adds up to an experience that won’t place too much extra stress on adult life. You can get on with your life knowing you’ll have the smile you've always wanted once  treatment is complete. For many adults, this suits their lifestyle and their expectations.

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