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If you've been considering getting braces, you should know you have more options than ever. You may have already checked out ceramic braces reviews to see how others feel about them about traditional braces.

The reviews are in and there are quite a few benefits, especially if you don't want the look of metal braces.

Less Visible

Many ceramic braces reviews point out one major benefit - they're less visible than traditional braces. This is because the brackets are ceramic and tooth-coloured versus metal or metallic. Obviously, they're not 100% invisible, but having a bracket that blends in with the color of your tooth makes them far less visible.

Of course, if you do want to show off all the hard work your braces are doing, numerous colours are available.

The archwire that connects the brackets can be white or silver. Naturally if you have the silver wire and even at some stage a gold wire, it will be visible.

Work For More Cases

You may have discovered that invisible solutions, like Invisalign, don't work with severe cases. This doesn't mean your only option is traditional metal braces. Ceramic braces work just like metal braces, and some people feel they look better.

This means whether your case is mild or severe, ceramic braces will work for you.

Faster Improvements

Even with the mildest cases, aligners can take at least a year to work. One thing you might have seen in ceramic braces reviews is how quickly you see results. Typically, you have to wear them 18 to 36 months, but the wire and brackets move your teeth into the correct position faster, letting you notice results quicker.

Ceramic Braces Reviews: They're Strong

Ceramic is surprisingly strong. What does this mean for you? Even the most careful people still have accidents. Ceramic braces are strong enough to withstand most of what you can throw at them.

Of course, don't be reckless with your braces. Take good care of them so you don't have to have repairs or even start over.

Do ceramic braces reviews have you curious about whether they're right for you? Contact our office today to schedule an appointment and discuss your options.

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