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If you're an adult who's considering the different treatment choices accessible to help you obtain your dream smile, then you've probably heard the term "lingual braces." Numerous people are discontent with the appearance of their teeth and consider straightening them. However, the thought of wearing noticeable metal braces can put off teens and adults alike. But, for those people, there is another option: to have braces on the inside of the teeth. Metal-made, lingual braces are attached to the back of the teeth, providing a nearly undetectable way of obtaining that ideal smile. Here's what you should know about these braces.

Braces on the Inside

Lingual or "inside" braces are a way of straightening the teeth that have become popular with adults because they're virtually invisible. To maintain a concealed treatment, your dentist will attach the braces to the inside of your teeth instead of the outside, making them undetectable.

They're tailor-made for your teeth. Your orthodontist takes a digital scan or precise impression of your teeth, which he or she then uses to customise bracket position and  transfer trays. The brackets are then attached to the back of the teeth to hold the wire in place. 

What Makes Them Different

These braces are ideal for individuals who wish to straighten their teeth discreetly. This could be an adult or teen who'd prefer for people not to know that they are having treatment. 

They're also popular if you have a big day coming up such as a wedding. The braces are extremely versatile and can treat various malocclusion problems. While braces are certainly worth the investment, lingual braces have unique requirements.

Since they're custom-made, and treatment is usually more time intensive, they can be more costly than other options. A major factor to consider is the technical expertise and training required. This is why not all orthodontists offer braces behind the teeth. 

Having a beautiful smile is worth the cost of braces and temporary inconvenience. However, some people hesitate to invest in them in spite of the difference they make. In this case, lingual braces are a solution to this issue. Whether they're invisible or not, determine the braces that suit you. After all, a stunning smile with straight, healthy teeth is worth the effort!

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