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Thanks to advances in oral technology, fixing your overbite is easier than ever and no one will even know you're doing it. Overbite correction with Invisalign allows you to correct your overbite in a nearly invisible way. All anyone else will see is the amazing results. All it takes is just a few steps. It's recommended to start the treatment early in life, such as when the jaw is still developing, for best results...

1. Go In For Your 3D Scan

Your overbite correction with Invisalign starts with a trip to your orthodontist. After they've decided you are a candidate for Invisalign, they'll take a 3D scan of your mouth. This gives them a better view of your entire mouth to see exactly how your teeth and jaw need to move to fix your overbite.

2. Customised Aligners

Instead of braces, Invisalign corrects overbites using clear aligners. These seemingly simple looking trays are customised to your specific treatment plan. Advanced technology creates each individual aligner in the plan your orthodontist creates.

3. Wear And Care

You'll receive a new aligner every one to two weeks, depending on your treatment plan. It's vital to wear your aligners as much as possible. However, you should take them out to eat, floss and brush. This helps to keep your aligners and mouth cleaner.

It's important to continue brushing and flossing as normal, just take your aligner out first. You'll also need to rinse and lightly brush your aligners to keep them clean.

4. Stay On Schedule

While you won't have as many orthodontic appointments with an overbite correction with Invisalign, you'll still need to go in sometimes to ensure everything is going as planned. To ensure nothing goes wrong, wear your aligners exactly as directed and don't leave them out more than a few hours a day. If an aligner doesn't fit correctly or gets damaged, contact your orthodontist immediately!

Otherwise, once you finish with your final aligner (number will vary based on your plan), your jaw and teeth will have come into alignment and your overbite will be gone.

Overbite Correction with Invisalign

To see if Invisalign can treat your overbite, contact our offices today to schedule a consultation.

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