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One of the things that makes Suresmile technology so advanced is 3D imaging. Unlike with traditional oral x-rays, your orthodontist can see a full 3D image of your mouth.

Of course, you probably want to know more about how this technology works and why it's so beneficial for your oral health. By the time you're finished reading, you'll be amazed at how advanced Suresmile truly is.

Suresmile Technology Basics

Before diving deep into the 3D technology, it's a good idea to get an overview of the entire process. Despite how advanced everything is, it's actually only three main steps:

  • 3D scan
  • Treatment planning
  • Creating the braces or aligners

Sounds simple, right? However, it's a highly complex process. Much of the magic happens behind the scenes thanks to scanning equipment, Suresmile software and precision robotic equipment.

3D Technology Behind Suresmile

The star of Suresmile is the 3D scan. Your orthodontist takes a scan using a white light scanner or cone beam computed tomography, CBCT. Unlike traditional x-rays, these scans don't just take a two-dimensional image of your mouth.

Instead, they create a true 3D image of your entire mouth, including the roots and surrounding tissues. When your orthodontist is limited to seeing just your teeth and directly below the gumline, they're only seeing part of the problem. This means your treatment plan may not be as effective.

To create a better, more efficient plan, your orthodontist needs to be able to understand more about the structure of your entire mouth. It's not just your teeth involved. To realign your teeth as quickly as possible, your orthodontist must also consider:

  • Gums
  • Nerves
  • Bone
  • Soft tissue
  • Roots

As you can see, your mouth is not just teeth, gums and tongue. A 3D scan allows your orthodontist to see everything about your mouth from all angles. We've moved beyond 2D images at our offices. Our 3D camera combines images from six different cameras to create a full 3D image of your mouth and facial structure. After all, your facial structure and oral issues can be tied together.

Think of it like those clear phones where you can see all the inner workings. It's kind of like that, but with your mouth.

The first step towards benefitting from Suresmile technology is going in for your 3D scan.

Using Your 3D Scan

Having a 3D scan is nice, but how does it help you? The scan works with the Suresmile software to give your orthodontist a virtual 3D image of your mouth. They can manipulate it, spin it around to view different angles, adjust your teeth and even see the final result.

The orthodontist has full control over how they design your treatment plan based upon the 3D scan. Instead of having to start with a partial plan and adjust along the way, the entire plan is designed at one time.

Before anything else is done, your orthodontist will meet with you to discuss the treatment plan and show you what the final result will be. The scan isn't just for your orthodontist. Thanks to the power of 3D technology, you get to see what your smile will look before you ever get your Suresmile braces. That gives you something to look forward to, as if wearing them for less time wasn't enough.

Suresmile Technology Shortens Time

You read that right. Thanks to the 3D technology behind Suresmile, your orthodontist is able to create a more customised plan for your treatment. In studies, the average treatment time for Suresmile patients was approximately seven months shorter than patients with conventional braces.

Once again, it's all due to 3D technology. By having access to more data about your mouth, your orthodontist uses the Suresmile software to design a faster treatment plan that adjusts your teeth using the best possible path.

With traditional braces, your orthodontist has to manually adjust the plan with each visit, carefully adjusting the wires to move your teeth based on the results thus far. This isn't true with Suresmile.

Instead, the wires are already in the perfect starting position to get your teeth straighter in far less time.

3D Meets Robotics

While it's up to your orthodontist to use the 3D scan to create a custom treatment plan, robotic equipment takes over from there. The virtual 3D treatment plan is sent to Suresmile, where robotic equipment is used to carefully bend and form a shape memory alloy archwire to perfectly fit your plan.

Conventional braces have to be formed manually by hand. This does work, but it doesn't offer the same level of accuracy.

Plus, with manual formation, you need more adjustments. After all, your orthodontist isn't able to see exactly how your teeth need to be moved from day one. Instead, the plan must be altered as your teeth move into place little by little.

Robotic equipment forms the wires perfectly, allow them to put pressure in just the right places to gently push your teeth on their optimal paths to the perfect position for a straighter smile.

From 3D To Your Mouth

The final step turns that first 3D scan into your new Suresmile braces. The wires that were formed based on your custom treatment plan are fitted to your teeth. Thanks to innovative Suresmile technology, the wires react to your body heat. As they're placed on your teeth, the automatically adjust to the prescribed position. This leads to less adjusting and a quicker start to getting your dream smile.

Handling Adjustments

Just because the 3D technology helps your orthodontist create a more efficient plan doesn't mean you won't have to go in for adjustments. However, you'll need fewer adjustments than with conventional braces. The Suresmile technology lets your orthodontist plan ahead for adjustments, such as scheduling when and knowing exactly what needs to be adjusted to keep your treatment plan on track.

From the moment the scan is taken and entered into the Suresmile software, your entire treatment plan is mapped out. This takes out any guesswork and those sometimes painful manual adjustments. All of this is thanks to what may seem like just a simple 3D scan, but it's actually the start of an advanced treatment that'll make you glad you opted for Suresmile.

Want to learn more about our Suresmile process and average treatment lengths? Contact our office today to discuss treatment options and schedule an appointment for your 3D scan.


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